Argentina’s Big Pink House

First and foremost, why is the Argentinian president’s office pink? Well, according to, there are two theories:

… in an attempt to diffuse political tensions by mixing the colours of the opposing political parties (the Federals used red, while the Unitarians used white).

Another popular explanation for the building’s distinctive colour is that it was at one time painted with cows’ blood as an alternative to paint because paint pealed in the humidity.

The exterior is beautiful, but the interior of this presidential palace is absolutely stunning. You may even find yourself twirling around like Belle from Beauty and the Beast while singing “Be Our Guest” (and receiving intensely inquisitive stares from the guards).

Or perhaps that’s just me. Regardless, Casa Rosada is a master class in opulent decor.

Now personally, I can’t stand tours. I’m not a strong auditory learner and walking at the pace of a snail while someone else yammers on and on makes my soul cringe.

However, apparently it’s not cool to let random people run around freely in the government’s headquarters.

Alas, a guided tour was the only way. Faced with an unavoidable lack of options, I “chose” the tour.

​​​​A silver lining of a guided tour is that you are forced to be in one location longer than you may have stayed in on your own.

Once my adult tantrum subsided (I was having a rough day) and I overcame my aversion to the school-field-trip nature of tours, I was able to really appreciate the experience and take in the ornate details that cover of every inch of the Casa Rosada.

Another surprising perk came from two other people who seemed less enthused than I was about going on a tour. It was an English-speaking tour, but these two Spanish-speakers lingered in the back near me.

From my shameless attempts to listen in on their conversation, I gathered that they were only there for their cousin and mother who were visiting from China.

What they incorrectly assumed was that no one else in the group spoke Spanish (which I do). They became the witty narration to my Casa Rosada tour. Their muttered musings and snide remarks made my day!

At one point, they were being so funny I had to disguise my outburst of laughter as a coughing fit because I didn’t want them to stop on my behalf. (That’s them giggling in the background of the video.)

I may not be a super fan of tours, but this one was definitely worth it. According to my wife, who actually does enjoy tours, the guide shared wonderful tidbits about the building’s history and architecture.

Helpful Tip: If you are interested in visiting Casa Rosada, remember to register online for a tour beforehand at You cannot register in person.

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