Eat | See | Do | Montevideo


  1. Tea Time:. The nostalgic decor at Cafe Brasilero makes you feel like you’ve time-traveled to the early 20th century. Their popular “Tea Time for Two” is less than $15 USD. We spent an entire afternoon sipping on hot lattes and eating some of the most delicious ham and cheese croissants we’ve ever had.
  2. Chivito: To say this Uruguayan sandwich is just a sandwich is almost insulting. We devoured our chivitos while enjoying the warm summer breeze and gazing at the Rio de la Plata from Bar Tinkal‘s outdoor seating area. My only regret is not having had more during our time in Uruguay.
  3. Grilled Cheese: I ignorantly thought I was getting an American-style grilled cheese sandwich when I ordered this delight at La Pulperia. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that a grilled cheese in Uruguay means a delicious chunk of provolone cheese that is literally grilled on a grill and sprinkled with seasonings.

(Tip: If you use a VISA credit card, you get 20% off at most restaurants.)


  1. Vintage Cars: The vintage cars in Uruguay are amazing. While a few may be in pristine condition, for the most part, these vintage cars are not collectors’ items. They are actually functioning cars.
  2. Tiles: While I usually recommend looking up when walking around a city, in this case, don’t forget to also look down. You may come across one of the many mini collages made up of broken tile pieces to be found around the city. The tiny art installations are rumored to be made by a secret artist.
  3. Cemetery: Go for a leisurely stroll in the Cementerio Central. Fill your Instagram feed as you enjoy the architecture and nature this peaceful resting place has to offer.


  1. Buy a Book: From chic to shabby chic, there are great bookstores in Montevideo. Some of our favorites were Babilonia LibrosLibreria Puro Verso and Moebius.
  2. Go to a Parade: While often overshadowed by it’s festive neighbor to the north (Brazil), Uruguay has one of the longest carnival seasons with 40 days of festivities.
  3. December Market: If you happen to be in Montevideo in the winter, check out their month-long artisanal market in Parque Rodo. Nightly concerts, food trucks and handmade goods that are perfect for the holiday gift-giving season.

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