Fun Facts: Uruguay

In the interest of peaking your curiosity about this tiny country nestled, but not lost, between Argentina and Brazil, here are five fun facts about Uruguay:

  1. Cows outnumber people with 12 million cattle, but just three million people.
  2. Uruguay is about the size of Oklahoma, with more than half of the population living in the capital, Montevideo.
  3. Religious holidays have secular names. For example, Christmas is Family Day.
  4. Very progressive. Same-sex marriage, marijuana and prostitution are legal.
  5. Most places offer a 20% discount when you use your VISA credit card.

Interest peaked? Check out these websites for more fun facts:

Happy travels!

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3 responses to “Fun Facts: Uruguay

  1. I loved Uruguay and because of the discount I was surprised. They want to make it more safe to use cards. So they offer a discount and the government pays the difference. Nice hey?!


    • I know! I didn’t know about it when I first got there, so I asked the waiter if my total was incorrect because it was lower than I expected. Definitely a pleasant surprise. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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