Why We March

It was a tiny march, but it was a powerful experience. We were very lucky to find a last-minute sister march in Montevideo, Uruguay.

Women's MarchConcerned citizens from all over the world came together to stand in solidarity in the blazing summer heat.

Protestors from Holland, Curaçao, Boston, Los Angeles, Uruguay and New Orleans came out to unite with the global movement sparked by the Women’s March on Washington.

Women's March

When asked “Why are you marching?” this is what some of the protestors had to say:

Women's March

“What happens in the U.S. will have an influence on the whole world.”

Women's March

Discussing how to sustain activism and involvement.

“If the U.S. decides to back out of the Paris agreement, the whole world will suffer. Climate change involves all of us.”

Women's March

Making new like-minded friends.

“I can’t stand by as my government uses divisive rhetoric and misinformation to create an environment of fear and hate.”

Women's March

Painting signs under the scorching summer sun.

“I couldn’t not do something.”

Women's March

Teamwork makes the dream work.

Being here marching is going to make more of a difference than not marching.”

Women's March

Talking to locals who had questions about the march.

Climate change is something I don’t think we can come back from.”

Women's March

Positive vibes.

 “I’m worried about all of the freedoms that are going to be lost.”

Women's March

Boston community activists.

“I’m doing this for my grandchildren. They will inherit the world he is polluting.” 

Women's March

This couple stopped by before their wedding!

“I have nieces, and I want to leave them a safe legacy.”  

Women's March

Interviewing the march organizer.

“It is more powerful to be part of the ripple – to expand consciousness.” 


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