Finally, An Out of Office Generator That Doesn’t Suck

We’ve all seen the same old out of office (OOO) messages before. We’ve probably all written the same OOO messages. So why not have some fun with a note that doesn’t suck?

Westin Hotels partnered with McSweeney’s to create the Westin OOO Generator. The website spits out quirky responses written by McSweeney’s very own humorists.


Here’s what the generator recently created for me as I get ready to take time off to celebrate Thanksgiving:

“Thanks for your email. Rest assured that it’s safe and sound now, tucked away in my inbox, ready to be read when I return, refreshed, from the beach I’ve been basking on since 11/23, where I am currently swimming with a sea turtle. His name is Jeff—you’d really like him. Gorgeous shell pattern — not showy, just a nice, classical design. We were walking beneath the beachfront pergola earlier, headed toward the yoga studio, when—well, I’ll tell you when I’m back at work, on 11/28.”

The generator even produces an abridged version of the note via video, tailored to share across your social media accounts.

Screen Shot 2016-11-21 at 8.58.25 AM.png

So as we near the end of the year holidays, don’t even think about typing the tired “thanks for your email” note. Swim with a turtle named Jeff, instead.




3 responses to “Finally, An Out of Office Generator That Doesn’t Suck

  1. Thank you for your post. We are unable to respond to you, since we are busy manufacturing snowmen here. Frostie said hello too… your post will probably be archived by the system but when we are back we’ll resurrect it and reply to you. Have a wonderful time at work! Ciao, kisses…


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