Colorado Street Art Festival

Colorado Crush turns the River North Art District (aka RiNo, because everything sounds cooler when shortened) into an awesome outdoor gallery of jaw-dropping murals.

Denver 2016

The cloudless, blue sky was the perfect backdrop for this colorful event where people from all walks of life enjoyed watching artists transform blah buildings into masterpieces.

Denver 2016

As you can imagine, these works of art also caused a photo frenzy as photographers / Snap Chatters (?) / Instagrammers / bloggers vied for unique angles and sassy selfies.

Denver 2016

While eclectic artists enhanced the neighborhood’s beauty one spray can at a time, DJs provided an edgy soundtrack to the festivities – all serving to remind me that I will never be the artsy, bohemian type who nonchalantly oozes coolness like these guys and gals art can unite a community.

Denver 2016

It was a perfect way to spend a hot September day while strolling around an area I would not have known about otherwise.

Denver 2016

Props to Denver for hosting Colorado Crush the past seven years, and hopefully many more to come!

Denver 2016

For more information and photos, check out the event’s Insta and website: 
Instagram / Crush 2016

Denver 2016


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