2 Days in L.A.

Whether you’re celebrity stalking or museum hopping, there is something for everyone in L.A. Two days is not much time to see everything in such an iconic city, but if you have a long layover or a long weekend, it’s definitely worth a visit.


L.A. has glorious weather year-round. I don’t know if it’s the sun or the spray tans, but everyone here seems to have a gorgeous, sun-kissed look. A good way to maximize your quality time with the sun while you’re cruising around one of California’s coolest cities is by renting a convertible.


Day 1:  Driving
With stops along most of the iconic landmarks in L.A., this driving route will take you all day. I recommend starting with brunch in Beverly Hills, late lunch and happy hour in West Hollywood, sunset at Griffith Observatory and dinner downtown.

LA City Drive

Day 2:  Walking
Bring the sunscreen for this relaxing day of walking from one famous California beach to another. I would recommend starting with a stroll through the Venice Canals and making your way up the coast to enjoy the sunset from the Santa Monica Pier.

LA Beach Walk

Beverly Hills


Santa Monica

West Hollywood


Griffith Observatory

BWTS logo


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