Nauseating Sunrise

No, no, no. He is not throwing up and ruining my sunrise morning. Alas, my positive thinking did not change the revolting reality I was facing.

I was determined to see at least one sunrise during my time here. I’m not a big nature person, so taking the elevator upstairs and lounging on the rooftop with my coffee is as close to camping as I hope to ever be.  More importantly, if all of the travel stories and movies I have seen are correct, a grandiose life epiphany was surely waiting for me on that rooftop. 


The first sign that this was not going to fulfill my romanticized vision was being greeted by a bark that sounded equally ravenous as it did angry at this ungodly hour. Before I turned to run back inside, I realized the horse-sized dog was on the next terrace. Thankfully, there was enough distance between us that I felt comfortable proceeding with my morning adventure. 

It was a particularly cloudy morning as it appeared to have rained during the night. By “appeared” I mean that when I placed my mug on the little table, the table tilted and dumped last nights downpour all over me. 

Not to be deterred, I momentarily shut my eyes and inhaled deeply, expecting to get a lungful of fresh air and hints of cool, wet pavement. Instead, in a fortuitous twist, the wind happened to carry over the overwhelming stench of the horse-dog’s owners’ weed. 

After a fit of coughing, I remained resolute in my pursuit of a romantic morning date with my coffee. Ah, my coffee. I took a warm sip, and at that very moment, one of the neighbors decided to vehemently throw up over the side of the railing closest to me. He continued to hack up the entire contents of his lungs and stomach for at least five minutes.

I was about to throw up in my coffee cup just from hearing his repulsive symphony of gagging noises. Instead, I tried to take the high road, no pun intended, and play some music on my phone to try to drown out his morning melody of malaise.

But by this point, I was wet, cold and nauseous. I decided to forgo my Instagram dreams and call it quits. I gathered my things and just as I was about to leave, I decided to take at least one photo to appreciate the moment.


And thank goodness I did, because nature delivered! I turned around just as the resilient sun was climbing it’s way out of the clouds.

I may not have had a particularly life-changing epiphany, but after the trials and tribulations of earlier in the morning, that sunrise felt especially glorious.

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