Travel Must-Have: Offline Maps

Whether you are traveling abroad, or you are trying not to use up your data plan, using offline maps can be a money/life-saver.

We’ve used CityMaps2Go (and it’s decent), but when Google Maps announced an offline version, we made the switch. Here are the super easy steps to set up an offline map using the free Google Maps app:

  1. Download the Google Maps app and follow the account setup instructions.
  2. Enter the city you need at the top. Then, tap the bar at the bottom with the name of the city.
    Google Maps 1
  3. Tap “Download” (in the middle, on the right).
    Google Maps 2
  4. Name the map.
    Google Maps 3
  5. Wait for map to download.
    Google Maps 5
  6. Now you can use the map when you are offline! Type in a destination.
    Google Maps 5
  7. This is the biggest difference from other offline maps we’ve used. Google Maps gives you directions from your location to your desired destination and lets you zoom in to be able to read the streets.
    Google Maps 6

Now, if you want to wander around and get lost, you don’t actually have to be lost. Happy travels!


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