The Jane Hotel, NYC

Walking into The Jane Hotel felt like stepping into a mini Grand Budapest Hotel, sans a mustachioed Ralph Fiennes.

Budapest Hotel


I channeled my inner SJP à la Sex and the City and rolled my little DVF suitcase along the cobble stone streets up to our darling NY home for the weekend.

Walking through the West Village and Chelsea to get to The Jane Hotel had me thrilled about our choice based on location alone. And as a bonus, the hotel is next to the Hudson River, which creates a serene ambiance in a city that can sometimes be a bit overwhelming.


Only in NYC can a hotel convince you that paying to stay in a room 1/4 the size of a college dorm room and sleeping in a bunk bed is a cool thing. In fact, the pint-size room was so tiny that we had to take turns being in the room to get dressed. Also, there were two showers/toilets/sinks in an unisex shared bathroom on each floor.

This may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but for me, it was unique and felt authentic to the hotel’s history. Apparently, this was a hotel for sailors back in the day, which explains the teeny tiny accommodations. It was also used for Titanic survivors! You can check out more of The Jane Hotel’s history on their website.


Cafe Gitane is a darling restaurant equally as eclectic as the hotel. Located next to the lobby,  we easily popped in for brunch and were pleasantly surprised by the quirky decor, delicious food and affordable prices (compared to other restaurants in that area).

Cafe Gitane
At The Jane Hotel – 113 Jane St., New York, NY 10014
TripAdvisor / Yelp


Unbeknownst to us, The Jane Hotel is also home to a pretty popular bar and club. We stayed on the fourth floor and could faintly hear the music on Saturday night. We could also hear our lovely neighbor blaring his TV, so don’t expect soundproof walls.


Despite the quirks, or perhaps because of them, I would definitely stay here again.

The Jane Hotel
113 Jane St., New York, NY 10014


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