To extend my life, I changed my perception of time

Thoughts on article “To extend my life, I changed my perception of time” by Silver Keskkula.

I stumbled across a fun, quick read on Quartz earlier in the week about the perception of time, travel, and their affects on longevity.

In essence, the author argues that  the more often you experience “exceptional events,” the more likely you are to remember them. The more you remember, the more it feels like there was a lot of time to do a lot of things. The more time you feel like you had, the longer you perceive your life to be.

Here’s why: The way our brains are wired, we tend to remember exceptional stuff better (check out the Von Restorff Effect or this fascinating list of other memory biases).

Considering we’ve been hopping to a new country every few months and experiencing a series of new and “exceptional” events, we’re clearly setting ourselves up for a good, long, (and hopefully healthy) life. I’m already looking forward to my 100th birthday card from the White House.

Bonus: if you’re searching for a way to look busy while at work (we all do it), look no further than this interactive site on the perception of time!

Live long and prosper (and travel on), friends!





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