Wanderlust Ladies in Frankfurt

Can German Christmas markets really be as amazing as the hype that surrounds them? I take holiday celebrations way more seriously than I probably should for an adult, so I was skeptical. After everything I had read, I expected a magical winter wonderland full of merriment and delight, and boy did Frankfurt deliver!

We gorged on traditional goodies like schnitzel, paprika bratwurst with apple mustard, fried potatoes with some sort of delicious cream, hot chocolate and hot orange juice. Not gonna lie, I did not have high expectations for German cuisine, but am happy to say that I stand corrected. I didn’t even know apple mustard and hot orange juice were things! Now, I can’t imagine life without them.

You may be wondering, “And where did you stay on this glorious holiday adventure?” Well, my dears, I’m so glad you asked. When I realized the flight I booked from Croatia to France included a 30 hour layover in Frankfurt, I decided to make a fun weekend vacation out of my oversight.

Thanks to Hotwire (and no, they are not paying me to gush over them, but I would happily welcome any freebies), we spent our one night in Frankfurt feeling like ballers at the Westin Grand. And the location could not have been more perfect – walking distance from the train stop and from the Christmas Market.

Also, I must mention that I’m pretty obsessed with Hotwire‘s Hot Rate Hotels feature. I’m not a fan of gambling, but I would equate the rush I get from waiting to see what hotel I got to the excitement of playing slots, except I always win. Take that Vegas!

In conclusion:
Frankfurt Christmas Markets = Legit / The Real Deal / Santa Would Be Proud
German Food = Surprisingly Delicious
Westin Grand = Chic and Perfect Location

We sadly said auf wiedersehen to Frankfurt, but we are definitely adding Germany to the list of countries we would love to visit again (maybe when it’s not as cold next time because brrrr)!

Auf Wiedersehen Frankfurt!

Auf Wiedersehen Frankfurt!


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