How the Heck Do We Travel So Much?

LADid you win the lottery?

  • Nope.

So, how can you afford to travel so much?

  • Hardcore budgeting. We have made major changes to our spending habits. For example, we sold our car, so that allows us to spend what we would normally spend on car payments/insurance on flights.
  • We also rarely eat out or buy coffees. According to some statistic somewhere on the internet (so it must be true), people spend about $2,500 a year on eating out and buying coffees. That’s a nice chunk of change that we are able to apply towards our travel expenses. We choose to explore foreign flavors by cooking meals and making lattes at home using local ingredients, saving eating out for special occasions.
  • REAL TALK:  Traveling abroad while being independent contractors (bye-bye benefits) means budgeting for extra expenses like health insurance and travel insurance (Travel Insurance: Do I really need it?).
  • Also, we are extra mindful of budgeting savings. At least 10% of our paychecks are put directly into our savings (more when we can). Two months into this new adventure, the virtual assistant company shut down and let go of over 400 employees over night. (Life Lessons of Losing My Job While Traveling Abroad) That was very unexpected, but luckily we had enough in our savings to allow us to continue traveling while looking for new job opportunities.
  • While some other digital nomads make it sound deceptively easy (The Problem with “Easy Travel Hacks”), this lifestyle takes a lot of  dedication, commitment and very extensive research. That being said, we are thoroughly enjoying it so far!

What do you mean you’re “digital nomads”?

  • We work virtually. One of us is an online English teacher, and the other is a virtual assistant.
  • REAL TALK:  Since we (and the clients) are based in the U.S., we sometimes have to work odd hours to match the client’s time zone. So, depending on where we are in the world, the usual 9 a.m. to 5 the U.S. can mean 3 p.m. to 11 p.m. for us.
  • Woking virtually, especially internationally, requires being very flexible and open to working crazy hours.
  • And, just FYI, virtual jobs that pay enough to live on are mostly in the tech/coding/programming field. Doing something like being a virtual assistant means hustling to find and maintain clients in order to piece together a decent income (We Work Remotely — And You Can Too?).

Beijing, China 2012Where have you traveled so far?


5 responses to “How the Heck Do We Travel So Much?

  1. I’m interested in learning about how you teach English online. I earned my TEFL a couple years ago but don’t really like the thought of committing myself to one place for any length of time. The online option sounds intriguing.


    • From my understanding, there are several companies that have online teachers. Some schools/universities are also now opening some online positions. I personally teach with a company called English First and I absolutely adore my students. 🙂 Good luck!

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  2. So happy to have stumbled upon your blog. Your lives sound interesting and inspirational. Thanks for sharing!


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