Adios Las Vegas

I’m really doing this. We’re really doing this?! Recently, my wife and I sold everything, decided to work virtually, and opted for Airbnbs around the world instead of an apartment lease in one city. Our first stop: Barcelona!

This is the way I was meant to live my life. I’ve spent so much time worrying about how I would “find happiness” when most traditional lifestyle options felt so stifling. I questioned whether I was wrong for not wanting to buy a house and have kids and focus on a ten-year plan. But now I understand that I wasn’t wrong, I just needed to be brave enough and creative enough to find my own path in life. Instead of trying to “find happiness” I want to BE happy.

I have no idea what Barcelona will do to my soul. I would never have expected this past year in Vegas would be such a transformative experience. It was a year in which my marriage was strengthened through adversity, and my entire being was challenged in a way that was so confusing and painful, it completely changed the way I look at life. It took a full year to understand what living with PMDD means for me and to seek out help from the pros to get to a healthier emotional and mental state. Back to now. Even though I’m on a plane flying over Russia, I still kind of can’t believe we are actually doing this. I thought leaving my hometown of New Orleans, in which I have lived my entire life, and moving to Vegas last year was a crazy move. Little did I know we would end up selling almost everything, including our car, and work virtually as we travel the world. I can’t believe I found the person that is so right for me, I constantly feel overwhelmed by how fortunate I am to have married my travel buddy.

For me, travel is such an intimate, perspective-altering experience. Already I feel like my mind is becoming more malleable. I guess that’s what I feel travel does to the mind. Some preconceived notions are shattered, while some stereotypes are reinforced (the body odor situation definitely took a turn for the worse once we got on international flights).

Even something as simple as airplane breakfast can be an eye-opening experience. I ordered pancakes for breakfast on my Russian flight and was surprised to see what I can only describe as what a dumpling and a crepe would have if they had a baby, instead of what I know as traditional American pancakes, a stack of delicious flour cakes bathed in butter and syrup. (I have to say U.S. won the breakfast round, but the Russian pancakes were not bad.)

So I guess as it turns out, moving to Vegas was the catalyst for deeper understanding of myself and of my relationship, but now my hope is that Barcelona will be the beginning of a lifetime of choosing happiness.


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