Creating the Perfect Travel Playlist

There’s no question that music plays an integral part in travel. It links powerful experiences to your memory bank. A song can instantly bring you back to a moment in time. Every time I hear Moby’s album “Play,” I’m transported back to the small Tuscan town just south of Pisa where I spent a week as a teenager. Benjamin Button’s symphonic soundtrack by Desplat puts me back on the street car traveling down St. Charles in New Orleans.

Travel playlist should be purely aspirational. Envision the music you pick as a soundtrack for your life. Visualize what you hope to see, hear, taste, do – what songs would enhance your experience?

As Tannia and I prepare to pack our lives into two tiny carry ons and head overseas for the next 6 months (at least), I too have begun a playlist. I know exactly what I want to build: a super ethereal experience. Of course, I’ll need some music I can dance to for our 24 hours of air travel (I’m looking at you Solange). I’ve started a Spotify list below – take a listen! This list is über chill, but I like to feel some emotional swell when I travel. As always, I am looking for recommendations!


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