Clutter Ninjas

clutter ecardNothing makes you realize how much unnecessary stuff you’ve accumulated like having to move. But I will one-up having to move from one house or apartment to another with our current situation of having to pack everything we own into two carry-on suitcases.

In our infinite wisdom, my wife and I have decided to attempt a nomadic lifestyle and only take one bag and one carry-on suitcase each. (You should know that we moved to Las Vegas from New Orleans a year ago and brought only what we could fit in our Toyota Corolla.) We will leave our current apartment in Las Vegas and stay in Airbnb apartments while we travel abroad and work virtually for the next few months, so we don’t want to deal with dragging around lots of luggage.

NinjaWe’ve kept our lovely one bedroom apartment in Vegas pretty neat all year. It’s furnished in tastefully minimalistic decor, so as not to even create places to store more stuff. Yet, somehow, it was as though the whole year we have lived here, there have been tiny clutter ninjas secretly hoarding crap in obscure corners of our apartment.

After our last move, I swear I thought I was the decluttering queen. “Ah yes,” I would say to myself, sitting pretty on my self-proclaimed throne, “how wonderful you are now that you have evolved past your cluttering ways.” All the while, the clutter ninjas were snickering behind my back at my delusional sense of superiority.

As I begin the packing process, my brain is unable to compute the reality that I am facing. I feel like I’m being chastised by my inner self, WHERE DID ALL OF THIS STUFF COME FROM?!

cropped-help-e1397491398433.jpgRidiculous self-loathing aside, I realize now, more than ever, how important mindfulness and consistency are to being able to successfully maintain a clutter-free life. Despite my denial, at some point I must have made the decisions to purchase all of the lovely things that I am now anxious to get rid of before our move.

As stare at the piles of stuff accumulating on the floor as I clean out our closet, I shake my head and think of how much money I could have saved if I had paid closer attention to my spending habits. I suppose it also wouldn’t hurt to refresh my memory about the difference between “needing” versus “wanting,” as I have no doubt I was convinced I “needed” all of these things in the moment.

Alas, lesson learned. Hopefully the clutter ninjas won’t find their way into our bags for our adventure abroad!


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